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Integrity Consulting was founded in February 1998. The founders were two IT professionals with approximately 10 years of experience each in the field of Information Technology having performed as Programmers and Managers and both as Consultants and Permanent Employees for large corporations. This background in IT and a first-hand understanding of the various IT roles and working environments has been an asset in understanding client needs and finding the right types of well-rounded IT professionals to meet them.

In addition to focusing on understanding changing technologies, from the beginning Integrity Consulting has had a focus on honesty, honoring commitments, accurately representing candidates and conducting business with high standards. With a focus on building and maintaining good relationships with all clients, employees and candidates, Integrity has formed relationships that continue to grow and provide success for all involved.

Over the years, Integrity honed its recruiting process to the point where it was a proven, successful repeatable system. Clients began to ask for help within other disciplines. As Integrity begin to use its knowledge of screening, understanding client's needs and finding good fits, success in these other areas soon followed.

Today, we serve clients primarily in the Carolinas and Virginia, but our work here has led us to providing professionals to clients all over the US. We are excited about our growth and the satisfaction we get from hearing good comments from new clients who have discovered how well we provide these services.

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