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Integrity Consulting is a high quality provider of staffing services. We can provide flexible, affordable staffing services for Information Technology, Engineering, Professional and Management positions

Finding the Best Fit...

...with Integrity

We understand a good fit

We know it takes a candidate with the right skills, background and education, but also the qualities that can make the difference:
     - enthusiasm, experience, communication, commitment and professionalism.

We can help

Finding people is what we do...and what we do well. We deliver high caliber candidates with our proven processes, in-depth recruiting knowledge and broad access to proven professionals.

Why we can help


We screen and qualify many candidates, presenting a few close fits whose relevant information is clearly shown.


Our company leadership has first-hand experience in professional, technical and management positions, giving our team great insight into technologies, roles and work environments.


Relationships are very important to us. We are responsive in meeting needs, flexible in finding solutions and thorough in our communications.


We strongly believe in having high standards in conducting business. We will always represent our candidates accurately, follow through on our commitments and communicate openly.


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